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What we do

The IABA of Kansas City hosts a monthly lunch or dinner event for nine (9) months of the year.  This is open to members and invited guests of members.  The format is to share an Italian meal and discuss the elements and aspects associated with the IABA.  On most occasions, the IABA will feature a speaker.  Business networking is encouraged at these meetings, and there is a pre-meal forum in which this can occur.  No official IABA business meetings will take place during the months of December, July or August.



The IABA also hosts and sponsors a series of forums, events and seminars.  These events are organized so as to showcase the economic and business links between Italy and the United States.  Often times the IABA will invite in prominent business members to speak and provide relevant information about the state of economic affairs between Italy and the U.S., as well as ideas about how these relations can be enhanced.

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