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About us 


The Italian-American Business Association of Greater Kansas City (IABA-KC) is an economic, social and cultural organization that gathers and assembles members of the community in metro Kansas City.  It is designed to allow members to network, share business ideas and experience the Italian athmosfire. It also welcomes business people, dignitaries and other individuals of prominence to the Kansas City area by hosting events that showcase the connections, ties and links between Italy and the United States.


Structured as a non-profit entity, the IABA is open to everybady, in particular to the  residents of the metro Kansas City area, regardless of ethnic affiliation.  One need not be Italian or Italian-American to join.  Rather, a person simply needs to have a passion for Italian culture and a desire to network within an Italian and an Italian-American business environment.  So, all business friends of Italy are welcomed.



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